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Freeze the Moment!

My Approach

My Approach

First and foremost, I am a documentary wedding photographer with an incline for creative, fun portraits, freezing the moment as-it-happens meaning I’m encompassing a candid, photo-journalistic approach of photography.

My passion lies within those weddings where you can be yourself, thus resonating with your personalities, your funny expressions, weirdness or crazy ideas, your amazing families and your loud friends. I want to document the day as it really was, everything from grand to the unnoticed. Even the smallest things can become truly extraordinary.


Don’t worry though, I will also capture the beloved traditional moments, but I will always put the non-forced moments first. Because in the future, on those quiet rainy days, having besides you a hot chocolate or your most beloved pet, cuddling in the sofa, pulling out your wedding album, those natural shots will spark all of the feelings.