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About me

My little story of when my heart made it in the right place…


It all began when I started thinking I have nothing to lose regarding a photo contest.  As such, I participated and sent some of my photos.

Months went by and finally, the day came when the contests exhibition was held and the winners would be announced. I went with no expectations to the exhibition, only to see the awarded images and exhibits worthy to have hang on the walls of the gallery.

To my surprise, there it was. One of my pictures. I just stepped aside and watched people stopping by the frame, looking, analyze, touch it and then re-immortalize with their phones that specific moment. My vision.

I'm not ashamed to say that this brought a couple of tears in my eyes as I have never, until that specific moment, ever felt such a feeling.

That was the game changer for me, seeing the people there intrigued  by one of my works. So, from that moment, I said to myself that this my thing, the one thing that fulfills me spiritually and that I have to go on, no matter what.

Cheers to the resilient Oak in the Park that changed my life!